logical relation

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Secondly, in 15 cases, the logical relations between ST sentences and clauses including additive, adversative and causal are explicitated using cohesive ties in the TT.
They depend on the logical relations among the events and always take the form of linear inequalities and equalities in the numbers p1 .
Wallace notes that "the incoherence of these beliefs is a straightforward function of the logical relations among their contents, suggesting that the normative force of the instrumental principle can be traced to independent rational constraints on your beliefs--in particular constraints on certain combinations of beliefs.
But the confirmation relations cannot then obtain in virtue of the purely logical relations between hypotheses and evidence.
Stating that philosophy interprets the world, describes "the logical relations among propositions that present such interpretations" (118), and evaluates these interpretations and relations (whereas the history of philosophy concerns itself with past texts and ideas), Gracia argues contra Taylor that philosophy performs tasks that the history of philosophy does not.
If we refer to the maximality of worlds it would mean that states of affairs are not separable from propositions representing them, and since propositions do not in themselves maintain logical relations, how can possible worlds represented by these propositions claim to explicate logical relations of necessity, possibility and accessibility?
Through establishment of logical relations in the post-sanctions era, Iran can export gas to the neighboring countries without any problem," Hamid-Reza Araqi told Shana.
Bennett and Hacker present their thesis that between these two disciplines there is a direct division of labor: 'investigating logical relations among concepts is a philosophical task' while 'guiding that investigation down pathways that will illuminate brain research is a neuroscientific one' (3).
Statements about essences, then (like grammatical statements more generally), are "statements of a different kind concerning conceptual or logical relations, and it is characteristic of such statements that they are nontemporal, i.
By "locatiom" or "place" of Being the author sometimes intends Being's logical relations to other metaphysical categories, and at other times the situatedness of "Being" in the Heideggerian sense of Dasein, namely, regarding the human being (see p.
Propositions enter into various logical relations with each other.
Asia is a region in which countries have logical relations with one another and nobody is seeking hegemony, said Larijani.