logical result

References in classic literature ?
It was an agonizing error, but it was the sole logical result of ages of human thought in that direction.
Ordinarily he would have accepted the sentence of Luud with perfect equanimity, since it was but the logical result of reason; but now it seemed different.
To use and Americanism, he had `taken no chances', and the absolute accuracy with which his instructions were fulfilled was simply the logical result of his care.
Alfred scolds me, every time we meet; and he has the better of me, I grant,--for he really does something; his life is a logical result of his opinions and mine is a contemptible non sequitur.
The purpose of the institute's creation is to provide the training of highly qualified personnel in organization of religious activity, preservation and development of high religious and spiritual environment based on the historical traditions of the Azerbaijani people, and represents the logical result of the state policy.
In its turn, the Government of Ukraine approved the establishment of a strategic partnership between Ukraine and Georgia, which has become a political and logical result of more than 25 years of development of diplomatic relations between our countries," underlined the Vice Prime Minister and stressed that strategic goals and directions of policy coordination, enshrined in the Declaration on the Establishment of Strategic Partnership between Ukraine and Georgia, will undoubtedly contribute to further deepening of mutual cooperation, democratic and sustainable development of the two states.
They are a logical result of an unyielding government determination to build an inclusive healthcare system.
Afterwards facilitating downstream sector developments and the enhancement of competitiveness need to happen as a logical result.
Eliminating terrorism is the only logical result to work toward and is the responsibility of this generation of Egyptians.
Combine this with the fact that the merchandise mix among all retailers is increasingly assuming a commonality that also confuses the shopper, and a more cautious shopper is the logical result.
No wonder women suffer from split personality more than men, the logical result of a male-dominated, two-faced society.
Qatar has been keen on convincing the international community, which is currently waging a war on terrorism, not to confuse the Palestinian's legitimate national resistance against the Occupation as destructive terrorism, but rather a logical result of the aggression exercised by the Occupation against the Palestinians.