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Other evidence, however, suggests the deleterious effects of emotion on logicality may not necessarily extend to more intense emotional experiences.
By highlighting the tendency towards co-operation and mutual activity as a motor of evolutionary change amongst animals and humans, he could emphasise the logicality of a society without coercion.
To achieve this goal, the use of the following skills in the social science textbooks was analyzed: reasoning, questioning, assessment of examples and statements, group work, interpretation, true judgment about issues, analysis and evaluation, logicality, and explicitness.
Arguably, the logicality and transparency of the process of developing these remedial mechanisms could help persuade such people, but if not them maybe the other influential stakeholders like the utility's customers, municipality residents/voters and the industry regulators.
That is, to lose both their awareness of reality and the sense of limits which coincides with "the given." Nazis and Stalinists--in the manner of a paranoiac--were committed to a ruthless logicality, pursuing their theories to their ultimate conclusions in complete defiance of conventional assumptions as to what was considered either acceptable or possible.
He persuades himself of the logicality of the steps he takes to 'look after' Maya, but is unable or unwilling to see the dangers he creates.
However, postmodern women, African American, and American Indian writers such as Rikki Ducornet, Kathy Acker, Ishmael Reed, and Gerald Vizenor not only act against Enlightenment logicality but also interrogate Eurocentric, male-oriented subjectivity.
In response, Keller examines the theory of evolution for its coherence, logicality, and applicability to humans and other species and concludes:
The net result was a gain for logicality, with, for example, Tamino's trial of silence occurring after rather than before he sings to Pamina.
To ensure the validity and reliability of the questionnaire used for the study, even number of experts were consulted to look at the questionnaire items in relation to its ability to achieve the stated objectives of the research, level of coverage, comprehensibility, logicality and suitability for prospective respondents.
psychological) faculty of logic; the question of whether there is one logic underlying the manifold of logical systems; the relation between language, logic and cognition, especially in light of the cognitive science literature on the limited logicality of common reasoning; the question how we know of logic; and lastly, the sense in which the logical faculty has to be taken as normative.
Despite the logicality, however, such an approach threatens to exacerbate divides, real and perceived, between the conventional and unconventional military communities.