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In the study reported in this paper, we wanted to explore the impact of negative emotional events on logicality in reasoning, focusing specifically on the role of negative affective consequences resulting from the event.
For Chesterton too, the fictitious ideologies of the Edwardian intellectuals also possessed a ruthless logicality.
At both the narrative and the epistemological levels, they critique the Enlightenment logicality of modernity without accepting the subjectivity of the Other.
In effect, law review boards may make final decisions on appropriateness, understandability, logicality, sufficiency of research, and quality of writing, while delegating uniqueness and the validity of the analysis to individual members.
207), his intention is to impose the logicality of signifying practice upon a poem that, in its finished version, resists such a reading.
Or perhaps, more correctly, there is too much logicality, because humans are not always as rational as our computer models tell us they should be.
Hopkins's first suggests that man's free will should, in all logicality, bring him into harmony with nature and into an understanding of his place beneath the "charge" of its "greatness.
The logicality of the female mind together with their ideal persuasive style is now being recognised by the smaller organisations in the UK and this research also highlights what a significant role these smaller businesses play in today's economy, providing for females where larger companies have failed.
Furthermore, an approach where logicality rather than the authenticity of a feeling seeks to be revealed cannot actually be comprehended within the framework of a discursive-prudent reason guarding its own purity.
Rationality was synonymous with logicality, and objectivity with empirical fact.
In the Victorian mindset, a woman becomes a kind of transvestite, both intellectually and somatically, if she seeks to ally herself with the rationality and logicality conventionally attributed to the male.
Thus the maxims of quality, relevance, and manner, for example, obligate the speaker in a conversation to justify the truth, relevance, consistency, logicality, etc.