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The new releases of Corel Paint Shop Pro X and Corel Photo Album 6 combine straightforward, logically organized tools within a sleek and simple interface that significantly improves the user experience.
McDATA OpenTrunking logically groups ISLs and can load balance Fibre Channel traffic across all physical ports, without using additional ports in the switch/chassis.
dbMotion, an innovative provider of medical informatics, develops and markets the dbMotion(TM) Solution that creates secured Virtual Patient Records by logically connecting a group of care providers and organizations without data centralization or replacement of existing information systems.
petitionary prayer on behalf of others is logically incoherent.
Older decision-makers were as logically consistent as younger decision-makers.
It would logically have 50 MPs to be in proportion to Birmingham's ten MPs for one million people.
3 : to state or ask logically <How, I reasoned, could such a thing happen?
A logically designed control panel with simplified buttons and LEDs makes operation intuitive.
logically advanced Watch Command containing several workstations, a Citywide warning desk, full audio and video recording capabilities, a 15-foot video wall and state-of-the-art communications tools.
As a result, the movie ``Shut Up & Sing'' doesn't give the anti-Chicks contingent much traction; indeed, even when Bush logically points out to a TV interviewer that the ladies had just as much right to express their opinions as some of their fans did to boycott their products in response, we're meant to laugh sneeringly at some perceivable hypocrisy in his statement.
Critical Lessons does not shy away from controversial topics, such as denouncing the concept that a benevolent God and a Hell of eternal torture as a logically impossible conundrum.