logically consistent

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They've got themselves in a real guddle here but then it's hard to be logically consistent when "independence" is your answer to every question.
Also, the incredible discoveries of quantum physics have shaken the predictable and logically consistent world of classical physics.
That is to say, however much I admire the elegance of the logically consistent scheme, I bridle at the presumption of calling the author's own synthesis the imaginary of the Khmer themselves.
Coherence is defined as "to be logically consistent so that all the separate parts fit together and add up to a harmonious whole.
The data analysis is detailed and logically consistent.
Thus, a seasonally adjusted index for a broad category that is directly adjusted may not be logically consistent with all seasonally adjusted indexes for its components.
show that Austrian business cycle theory (ABCT) is the only theory that provides a comprehensive and logically consistent explanation of the cycle.
To be logically consistent, mandatory vaccine advocates should promote the forced/coerced vaccination of every person who is without medical contraindication.
While Primavesi engages significant questions, her scholarship does not dig deep enough to provide satisfying, logically consistent, or revolutionary answers.
It would be more equitable to all stakeholders to unify this 'ends justify the means' approach with Kant's deontological approach of being logically consistent.
Unfortunately, the middle way between two logically consistent solutions may itself not be a logically consistent one.
After having read a few of the stories here, I can say that they are much more logically consistent with real life — than other sources on the Internet.