logically unsound

See: illogical
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The report finds that this simplistic approach is fundamentally flawed and logically unsound as it fails to adequately account for several significant factors, including: product turnover; the time value of money; the potential impact of a pending U.
The contributors argue, in their treatments of several different issues, that Marx's analysis of capitalism is not logically unsound as claimed by his critics.
Whitehead elucidates why this core values debate is so important in the Ninth Circuit (and beyond), and concludes it is logically unsound to attribute the Northwest logging industry's decline to judicial injunctions on timber sales.
If you look at his essay as though it were an attempt to disprove creation or intelligent design, it was a weak and logically unsound argument.
To the Editor: Normally I would have spared myself the effort and energy to react to the logically unsound, factually incorrect and bizarre editorial comment or article by J P de V van Niekerk, (1) Managing Editor of the South African Medical Journal, lest the true saying that arguing with unsound propositions might drag one to the pitiful valley of unsoundness and make people not to notice the difference, ring true in this context.