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However, the outbreak of foot and mouth disease intervened and Logician had his sights lowered.
Logician has been lodging with Ian Balding since arriving in January.
The original Logician was one of the first electronic medical records systems on the market.
MedicaLogic is targeting small groups of doctors and other medical practitioners for the Logician Internet.
James Burgess, general manager, 3M Health Information Systems, said that the combined capabilities of Logician and 3M Care Innovation would significantly enhance workflow efficiencies for physicians and other clinicians, wherever care is provided.
The word was introduced in this connection about 1875 by the American logician C.
His glaring inconsistency on this point can only cast a shadow over his abilities as a logician.
00) follows the close friendship of physicist Albert Einstein and logician Kurt Godel during the last decade and a half of Einstein's life.
A fiction writer and professor of physics, Goldstein explains for general readers the nature, context, and significant of logician Godel's (1906-78) incompleteness theorems.
Jacob Ecco, a mathematical man of mystery and a logical detective extraordinaire, his precocious niece Liane, and Baskerton the logician.
Baffert's Domestic Dispute, leading trainer Doug O'Neill's Coax Kid, and the winless Logician complete the field.
Thomas himself writes that for a logician the term substance is univocal, while it is analogous for the metaphysician (In II Sent.