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Words like logomachy and dialogue have a common root, logos (noun) or legein (verb).
LeVine, 'The logomachy of terrorism: On the political uses and abuses of definition', Terrorism and Political Violence, 7, 4 (1995): 45-59.
On the whole, from this logomachy, Dav dances out beautifully as the nobler-born and the more classically-applauded; and the remainder of the oration is taken up chiefly with a contrast, by the speaker himself, between the phenomena of Night and those of Day.
Logomachy has been construed as an inseparable part of discourse about the things that really matter;(8) Hopkins's lifelong logomachy with English culture, inwardly repressed at times, finds forceful expression in this impassioned utterance concerning the plight of the poor.
Murray, "Kenneth Burke's Logology: A Mock Logomachy," Glyph 2 (1977): 144-61, and more recently, Art Borreca, "Political Dramaturgy: A Dramaturg's (Re)view," The Drama Review 37 (1993): 56-79.
xv, 307), than to Heidegger, whose logomachy is rarely well emulated because rarely well understood.
' Considerable scholarly debate has been expended on the authenticity of this paper most foul' (see Ramsforth, "Moore's Happy Hour: The Fraunces Holograph Controversy," Logomachy, Summer 1981).
In 1971 I introduced a column devoted to competitive word games which I called Logomachy. In the first column, Darryl Francis contributed a Scrabble problem, and Mary Hazard promoted Correspondence Crash.
An alternative to the I-H Overwhelm is the Gottschalk Pickoff, after Siegfried Gottschalk, 1832-1924, professor of logomachy at Niebelungen University in Cologne.