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Words like logomachy and dialogue have a common root, logos (noun) or legein (verb).
LeVine, 'The logomachy of terrorism: On the political uses and abuses of definition', Terrorism and Political Violence, 7, 4 (1995): 45-59.
On the whole, from this logomachy, Dav dances out beautifully as the nobler-born and the more classically-applauded; and the remainder of the oration is taken up chiefly with a contrast, by the speaker himself, between the phenomena of Night and those of Day.
Logomachy has been construed as an inseparable part of discourse about the things that really matter;(8) Hopkins's lifelong logomachy with English culture, inwardly repressed at times, finds forceful expression in this impassioned utterance concerning the plight of the poor.
Murray, "Kenneth Burke's Logology: A Mock Logomachy," Glyph 2 (1977): 144-61, and more recently, Art Borreca, "Political Dramaturgy: A Dramaturg's (Re)view," The Drama Review 37 (1993): 56-79.
xv, 307), than to Heidegger, whose logomachy is rarely well emulated because rarely well understood.
Considerable scholarly debate has been expended on the authenticity of this paper most foul' (see Ramsforth, "Moore's Happy Hour: The Fraunces Holograph Controversy," Logomachy, Summer 1981).