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Under the memorandum, it said that statistics would show that minors loitering from the said time frame were the cause of the 'breach of peace and order in the city.'
Officers were called to reports of large groups of youths loitering around the Stone Road and Market Place areas of Uttoxeter causing nuisance and setting small fires.
The US Defense Department is reportedly interested in procuring the Isreali- made Hero-120 loitering munition for American special operations.
Concerns have been identified around begging and loitering at cash machines with intimidating behaviour." None of the proposed conditions are unreasonable and they're designed to improve the city's quality of life and impact on specific behaviours."
Some of those who are loitering close to the ATM are criminal elements who specialise in snatching of wallets, mobile phones and other personal effects.
A 17-year-old was arrested for loitering at Ayia Paraskevi church in Episkopi.
But our officers will continue making arrests of students found loitering in town at night while drunk," said Mr Chebii.
They had left their belonging in a bus and were loitering in town at 2am," he said.
Reacting to the survey results, Malacanang said the matter has already been clarified when the President said he did not order the arrest of tambay for loitering. The clarification was necessary after the President drew flak with the arrest of several males in urban poor communities who were detained simply for being shirtless.
Roque said that the matter concerning the arrest of Tambays (unemployed vagrants) "has already been clarified when the President had said that he did not order the arrest of these people, for loitering."
Of those surveyed, however, 92 percent said they do not know anyone who has been arrested for loitering while 9 percent know someone.
The President said he has invoked the principle of "parens patriae" or parent of the people in directing authorities to round up idlers, particularly minors, loitering in the streets.