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They let loose their children who are always seen loitering in the streets instead of being in class.
In addition to high accuracy, long range and a significant loitering time, the SkyStriker is capable of carrying up to ten kilograms of munitions.
During rainy seasons, the number of road accidents increase because cows and other cattle prefer loitering along the roads in search of a dry resting place.
Given their distance (over 400 km) from their home base, and their low altitude loitering, Sprey suggested that the F-16s were probably topped up on fuel from the air, which again points to the idea that it was an ambush.
The loitering attack munition, designated "Hero," has been developed in several versions, to be employed in accordance to the size of the target and the way in which the munition is to be deployed.
He said students who are not in school and just loitering are a disturbance to students who are serious in their studies.
Daniela Ion, 22, of George Eliot Road, Foleshill, admitted two counts of loitering for prostitution.
The police had had a great deal of trouble with girls loitering in this locality.
In Britain's IPFA concept evaluation phase that preceded the Loitering Munition Concept Demonstration (LMCD) programme, the IAI Harop was promoted under the name White Hawk by an MBDA-led team that included Insys and Qinetiq.
It limits access only to tenants; it makes sure the front door is closed; it detects forced entry; it welcomes and escorts tenants into the building 24/7; and it prohibits loitering in the lobby.
A CHILD care boss has been fined pounds 200 after he admitted loitering in a red light district.
com)-- Police arrested a man for loitering and prowling on the rooftop of a local business after Sonitrol of Sarasota reported real time video of the suspect.