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Lonesomeness and the feeling of being out of my element were almost gone by the time we saw the campus and the lights of the dining hall with their promise of hot coffee and, to me, delicious--if greasy--institutional food prepared by fat cafeteria women.
I should explain here that after the death of my wife in 20081 began, in fits of midnight attic lonesomeness, to root around in old trunks and boxes of papers, looking for nothing in particular, just signs of places where we had been so happy for so long and so long ago.
And since that day, Ted, my lonesomeness is gone ...
One of the problems a woman had to face on the barnstorming circuit was lonesomeness. Other problems included public opinion and political pressure; both of these had a great impact on the success or failure of a woman's aerial career.
The face reveals things which one might perhaps want to hide--be it emptiness, lonesomeness, or helplessness; the mask hides the interior and creates appearances.
Hemans begins "Mary Magdalene Bearing Tidings of the Resurrection" by redeeming lonesomeness once again.
On this second point, we must note the way that Pip's increasing "awful lonesomeness" is drawn by Ishmael figuratively: Pip floats in the center of an ever-widening "heartless immensity," a voided world that is nevertheless oceanic.
Thus he explores "America's simultaneous embrace of holiness and hedonism its pining love of tradition as it carries on a headlong romantic affair with progress its extreme individualism coursing beside a gigantic gaping yearning for community and its insistence on innocence at the same time it revels in violence." Cash exemplifies such struggles in his own music and Clapp focuses for example on the late-career song "The Man Comes Around" to demonstrate the ways that Cash's Christian faith gave him the strength to admit lonesomeness need and vulnerability.
excludes lonesomeness. This, of course, is not possible in the case of
We also "volunteered" one of his friends to come along to help overcome the lonesomeness.
Thus we get the Little House on the Prairie lonesomeness of No Score sitting next to the blues of DM Swing.
Hutton's camera sucks in the atmosphere of a place he observes, to make palpable the lonesomeness he craves.