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The long axis of the panel was marked y direction, and the short axis marked x direction.
Based on past detailed studies of rod-shaped bacteria such as Escherichia coil and Bacillus subtilis, it has been assumed that most bacteria grow by binary fission, a dispersed mode of growth involving insertion of new cell wall material uniformly along the long axis of the cell.
An in-plane imaging approach is not usually used for CVC insertion because the simultaneous visualisation of the needle and vein is difficult with an in-plane approach; a long axis view where a vein is imaged longitudinally.
5 V/nm, the simulated droplet was found to undergo a shape transition resulting in a needle-like liquid droplet with its long axis -- oriented along the direction of the applied field -- measuring about 12 times larger than the perpendicular (cross-sectional) small axis of the needle-like droplet.
A F-18 FDG PET/CT scan was requested for restaging, and demonstrated a retro-caecal appendix with a FDG-avid nodule in its tip, measuring 13 mm in the long axis (Fig.
Just because you can image a single frozen long axis view of something linear and white (that is, echogenic) does not mean that it is an endometrial echo that should be relied upon.
In addition, the entire procedure was described and patients were shown how our technique differs from blind carpal tunnel steroid injection, ie, that hydrodissection (using the jet of injected isotonic fluid from the needle tip) is used to separate the median nerve from the deep surface of the flexor retinaculum along nearly its entire course within the carpal tunnel, which is a series of perforations of the flexor retinaculum is done along the long axis of the forearm from the distal to the proximal borders of the carpal tunnel.
The adjustment that the sonographer makes to move the focal point shallower or deeper is an adjustment along the long axis of the transducer.
In performing the present simulations, the initial sheet thickness (t), the long axis of the die (a), the root radius of the die (r), the processing temperature (T) and the strain rate are all assigned constant values (see Table I).
Data for the long axis and doorway orientations are explored through the use of rose diagrams, which display variance within radial data sets (Mardia 1972; McPherron & Dibble 2007) (Figure 9).