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Interventricular septal thickness, LV ejection fraction (LVEF), left atrial (LA) and aortic diameters were measured in the parasternal long axis. Pulse wave (PW) Doppler examination of LV filling was performed in apical fourth chamber using a sample volume parallel to the LV long axis at the mitral valve tip level and the average value of these measurements was taken.
3D TTE parasternal long axis view of the giant interventricular septum
With respect to thoracic spine mobilizations (tMOB), respondents reported AA/O or N/R using long axis distraction (50%), iliotransverse (42.5%), iliocostal (41.5%) and seated procedures (43.4%) in almost equal numbers.
We found a small insignificant impaction fracture on the lateral femoral condyle with a prominent osteophytic ridge (like a shelf), which was probably a contributing factor for the patella being locked and irreducible (in addition to rotation along long axis).
However, when the strength of the field was raised to a critical value close to 0.5 V/nm, the simulated droplet was found to undergo a shape transition resulting in a needle-like liquid droplet with its long axis -- oriented along the direction of the applied field -- measuring about 12 times larger than the perpendicular (cross-sectional) small axis of the needle-like droplet.
The holes are oriented to intersect the long axis of the Baptiste mineralization and most will be drilled to a 300-m downhole length at a minus 50[degrees] angle, representing a vertical depth of 230 m.
Just because you can image a single frozen long axis view of something linear and white (that is, echogenic) does not mean that it is an endometrial echo that should be relied upon.
(A long axis of rotation.) Name some objects that fly efficiently through the air (such as javelins, arrows, and rockets), and the shape they all have in common (they are much longer than they are wide).
(2) Typically, the long axis of the sclerotic focus runs in parallel with the long axis of the involved osseous structure.
In performing the present simulations, the initial sheet thickness (t), the long axis of the die (a), the root radius of the die (r), the processing temperature (T) and the strain rate are all assigned constant values (see Table I).
The authors compared the number of involved blocks method with the "gold standard" method, in which specimens were serially sectioned perpendicular to the long axis of the specimen and then submitted in toto.