long odds

References in classic literature ?
And every one of those legends told him of battles fought at long odds, without fear as without support; of hospitality catholic as an Arab's; of friendships deep as the sea and steady as the fighting-line; of honour won by hard roads for honour's sake; and of instant and unquestioning devotion to the Regiment - the Regiment that claims the lives of all and lives forever.
It was long odds, though, in point of strength; and in another minute Tom went spinning backwards over a form, and Flashman turned to demolish East with a savage grin.
It was a part of his avarice to take, within narrow bounds, long odds at races; if he won, he drove harder bargains; if he lost, he half starved himself until next time.
Some have been highly speculative, such as those who ventured to put money, at long odds, on men eventually walking on the moon and the father who saw the potential of his newlyborn baby boy to one day play for Wales at football.
A Minnesota City man has beaten long odds with a scratch-off lottery ticket.
The Change The Odds campaign focuses on the long odds of various unlikely scenarios compared to those of getting cancer.
O'Neill said: "In the opening 20-odd minutes we played scintillating stuff, and you should have got long odds on us being booed off at half-time.
And despite his long odds - he's a 14-1 shot - insiders think his popularity with the soap's fans will take him a long way.
Former President Bill Clinton, underscoring his wife's determination against long odds of overcoming Mr Obama's pledged delegate lead, said in California a "vigorous debate" was good for the party.
The latest Welsh Big Brother recruit needs to shed the long odds placed on her winning the show as quickly as she loses her clothes.
Jazil was the proud owner of one desperate victory in four starts, running to long odds.
When a team, or an individual on that team, overcomes long odds or turns a double into a home run, the team members need to take the time to acknowledge the event.