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Country: Canada
State: Ontario

applying for long term disability in Ontario, Canada and was told there was a minimum waiting period of at least 4 months by the Canadian Pension Plan people. I am currently on sick employment insurance which runs out on Jan 15/06. Medical diagnosis of multiple sclerosis was made to me by my doctor on Nov. 29/05. I would think that my waiting period would start from the day of diagnosis. I lost my long term benefits with my employer as I no longer met the minimum required hours because I had been off sick with multiple sclerosis. I did not realize that I had to file for disability and am now filing out the required documentation. However, they are saying 4 months shouldn't this be shorter as I was diagnosed in Nov. and it will mean waiting months with no income. I'm married with children and do not qualify for welfare but need an income regardless. I do not feel I should be penalized as I was not informed or aware of the procedures. Looking forward to any suggestions.


Your doctors could probably help to explain the situation and the urgency; in extreme situations the payments can be accelerated, as they should be here we would think-
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