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'No: I found, indeed, some passages that, taken by themselves, might seem to contradict that opinion; but they will all bear a different construction to that which is commonly given, and in most the only difficulty is in the word which we translate "everlasting" or "eternal." I don't know the Greek, but I believe it strictly means for ages, and might signify either endless or long-enduring. And as for the danger of the belief, I would not publish it abroad if I thought any poor wretch would be likely to presume upon it to his own destruction, but it is a glorious thought to cherish in one's own heart, and I would not part with it for all the world can give!'
"She was my wife and i love her & loved her beyond imagination but I also respected her art, the passion and dedication with which she committed herself to her work," said Kapoor, adding that the wax figure would serve as an apt reminder about her long-enduring legacy.
The party turned the country away from the long-enduring Kemalist-style secularism that banned the headscarf in public universities.
"A tremendous, costly, long-enduring task in peace as well as in war is still ahead of us.
The brand transition to Sobha Realty from Sobha Group is aimed at repositioning the developer's long-enduring image as a builder "with a legacy of craft and passion for perfection", said Menon, who has designed and built a host of iconic palaces and hundred of luxurious villas.
"Our fight against climate change is a long-enduring fight.
While they were able to topple long-enduring authoritarian regimes, they were not able to bring about permanent change.
As envisioned by Miami's long-enduring Cuban-exile community, it was always supposed to happen with a bang.
Still, it skims over a few major challenges Texas faced in 2017 - including a high-profile, long-enduring lawsuit over the state's treatment of its foster children and the Legislature's failure to reach a deal on overhauling its public school finance system.
There are huge cracks in the long-enduring relationship, as Stella is reaching the end of her patience with Gerry's poorly hidden alcoholism and irreverence towards her religion.
The book also includes the origins of the Trappist religious order and the monks' long-enduring relationship with the art of brewing.
In the year 2013, Pakistan had an enormous long-enduring time of electricity shortages, which continued with the failure to provide reliable energy alternatives.