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We are truly pleased to enrich our offerings with this long-lasting phone that our fans can confidently rely on whenever, wherever
Despite igniting the conflict, proper talk over the issue through negotiation is the mere policy to end the long-lasting war on terror and maintain peace of the world.
Study senior author Professor William Carlezon, of McLean Hospital in the United States, said: "While our study found that some stress-related effects on circadian rhythms are short-lived, others are long-lasting.
Long-lasting sweet aftertaste, a good example of a traditional brown ale albeit with a modern twist of doughnuts.
Previous research suggested that diseases which used to be common in childhood, such as smallpox, measles and whooping cough caused long-lasting inflammation, which then increased the risk of heart disease in adulthood and resulted in an early death, Medical Xpress reported.
The new brand and products offer long-lasting reliability.
According to Croda, consumers have long wanted an alternative to scissors to repair split ends and seek products that repair and prevent hair damage with long-lasting effects.
We are honored that Restore 10X Advanced, our long-lasting repair coating made for severely worn decks and concrete patios, is backed by the Good Housekeeping Seal.
8226; Long-lasting reliability with stable processes, increased transverse rupture strength and improved tensile strength
The line is billed as using new technology to allow consumers to achieve a long-lasting, salon-quality manicure at home, without a UV light, and the polish even self-corrects minor dings and dents.
The Russian central bank has said that low oil prices will have a long-lasting impact on the economy.
This sponge includes the supplier's proprietary long-lasting anti-bac formula for the consumer's protection.