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Excluding the impact of the long-lived assets impairment, which reduced the Company's depreciation for fixed assets, the gross margin would be 8.
The accounting model for long-lived assets to be disposed of by sale applies to all such assets, including discounted operations, and replaces the provisions of APB Opinion No.
However, each cask holds the equivalent of 240 times the long-lived radioactivity that was released in the Hiroshima bomb,'' said Resnikoff, who expects to be called to testify before Congress to support Nevada's challenge to the Yucca Mountain storage facility.
HDL and LDL cholesterol particle size is higher in people who are exceptionally long-lived and in their offspring, reported Dr.
A long-lived tree with a life measured in centuries, live oaks are native to the coastal South and can be seen growing in large yards, as specimen trees in parks, along streets, and overhanging the lanes of historic plantations.
The company expects to incur charges of US$ 7 million, comprised of approximately US$ 6 million of cash costs, primarily for early retirement and severance packages being offered to approximately 130 employees, as well as non-cash charges of US$ 1 million to impair the remaining book value of the associated long-lived assets.
Because the eventual payoff from acquiring a long-lived capital good is unrelated to the date of purchase or installation, there are powerful incentives to delay or accelerate investment to take advantage of predictable intertemporal variations in cost.
The protective pigment, called sporopollenin, and several of its long-lived breakdown products absorb a specific wave-length of ultraviolet radiation, says Lomax.
Statement 154 also requires that a change in method of depreciation, amortization or depletion for long-lived, nonfinancial assets be accounted for as a change in accounting estimate that is effected by a change in accounting principle
Yet, most model species used in biology are short-lived and provide a poor comparison to long-lived mammals such as humans.
Experts at the University of Exeter Medical School, led an international collaboration which discovered that people who had a long-lived mother or father were 24 percent less likely to get cancer.