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In 2013, more than one in three adults in Great Britain (36%) reported having a long-standing illness or disability, a 2% increase on the previous 12 months.
Relationship status was seen as a significant factor in determining the results, with those who were widowed, divorced or separated more than twice as likely to report a long-standing illness or disability than singletons - 54% compared to 26%.
The study looked at inflammation and structural damage of the joints in early and long-standing RA and their relationship with deteriorating physical function in each stage of the disease.
We are pleased with this new contract and look forward to our continued, long-standing relationship with the U.
Relatedly, throughout, the author traces black Brooklynites' constrained access to work as one of the most invidious and long-standing trends in the region's history.
This agreement marks another phase in the long-standing relationship between our two companies.
Creator Mark Burnett's ``Survivor'' is the genre's long-standing gold standard - perhaps too long-standing, since it's starting to look pretty long in the tooth after only 16 months.
The Society moved beyond one of its long-standing policies when our Medical Advisory Board endorsed the need for specific individual decisions regarding the use of one of the A, B, or C drugs.
Reversing a long-standing position, the IRS's reproposed original issue discount (OID) regulations will allow for the deferral of points paid in cash, including points deductible by a borrower under Sec.
Alopa has a long-standing industry commitment to supporting standards including LMDS and MMDS.
A long-standing member of the Real Estate Board of New York, Wolfe is treasurer of the Association of Cooperative and Condominium Managers (ACCM) and a member of the New York Association of Realty Managers (NYARM).