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TV ROYALTY: As Barbara Royle, long-suffering wife of Jim (Ricky Tomlinson), in the Royle Family.
MARRIED AT LAST 3 Karl finally makes an honest woman of long-suffering Stella
DAVID WOOD (a long-suffering fan), Walkerdene, Newcastle
I am called to be in the process of replacing my cold, cavalier complacency with a gut-wrenching, heartrending, long-suffering mother-like love, yes even tears and grief, for the lost.
She is about to turn 16, and she can't wait to get her driver's license; her long-suffering brother Lester is trying to teach her how to drive.
Long-suffering matriarch Helen (Pauline McLynn) is immediately intrigued by the girl and receptive to the kindness and flattery she gets from her--more than her adulterous bigoted husband, Paul (Paul McGann), has been able to provide her with in years.
Let's hope BBC bosses have worked out what has become only too clear to long-suffering viewers - that hapless hosts Adrian Chiles and Nadia Sawalha are presiding over a nightly calamity that should be consigned to the scrap heap of telly history ASAP.
I am the long-suffering husband of a long-suffering headteacher in Cardiff, who spends many hours at home, including weekends, trying to make the school budget stretch to cover everything from pencils to playing fields.
Spring cleaning has been no help to the long-suffering office grades, which have been experiencing low prices and high inventories all year.
Gleefully crude in its celebration of its thousand-thread web of conceptual and visual influences, the body of Panter's work is uncomfortably suggestive of the notes made by a particularly manic graduate student's long-suffering psychiatrist.
Along for the ride are Chester's long-suffering wife, Karalyn, and amiable son, Ajay.
Supporters of "Operation Iraqi Freedom" insist that those killed in action gave their lives to defend our country, and liberate the long-suffering Iraqis.