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The final phase of renovations, which includes the southeast wing of the long-term care facility, is expected to be complete by spring 2017.
Because unchecked pest infestations and the misapplication of pesticides both could be serious blunders for a long-term care facility, many choose to outsource their pest management to trained professionals.
To reduce the likelihood of an invasion-of-privacy claim resulting from a workplace search, a long-term care facility should establish and post a broad search policy stating that:
Sharbaugh's article: "Upon the transfer of a patient colonized and/or infected with MRSA from a hospital, private facility, or another facility to a nursing home or other long-term care facility, nursing and ancillary personnel need to understand that AROs are primarily opportunistic pathogens, in that they tend to cause infections in individuals who are debilitated and prone to the development of infectious complications, such as LTC residents.
Kathy Brown, of Corpus Christie, Texas, is a former Director of Nursing at a long-term care facility who recently wrote MyZiva.
Moving to a long-term care facility can provide a special challenge to a resident's sense of independence.
HCPro created this book to help long-term care facility staff answer their most urgent questions regarding HIPAA, which goes into effect in April 2003.
A joint application with a local educational or literacy promotion program can result in a long-term care facility providing free instruction in English as a new language to foreign-born hires.
Now, not only do we find available long-term beds for patients, allow hospitals and community care facilities to exchange patient data, and actually reserve the bed, but we also facilitate the actual transportation of the patient from the hospital to the long-term care facility.
Also, cost savings to the long-term care facility would provide strong incentives for nursing homes and assisted living to encourage residents to enroll in the catastrophic coverage option.

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