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Then, on Wednesday, her long-winded and, dare I say it, slightly pompous post on social media about her new record, 25, almost outdid Back To The Future Day in trending terms.
Lawmakers were strategically long-winded when considering bills, leaving little time to take up legislation before a key deadline.
We must agree that the proposals concerning rents are reasonable but the cry 'they are raising rents' has to be countered by something quicker than a long-winded and logical explanation of the financial JW Ricketts, Birmingham 32, Birmingham Mail, April 19, 1955
It was nice to see that only the word councillor was used in signing his letter, not some long-winded title that does nothing to connect anyone with anything
Colbert's Washington visit has the long-winded title of "Stephen Colbert Presents: Mr.
However, the reality was that this was likely to result in a flood of appeals prior to the change, additional work and significantly more complexity to what is already a long-winded procedure.
WHEN the leaders of the six councils in Merseyside failed to come up with a name for the region's new "combined authority", the Government stepped in to give it the long-winded title of the Halton, Knowsley, Liverpool, Sefton, St Helens and Wirral Combined Authority.
Sometimes when a contestant was dull or long-winded with an answer, my mind would sort of wander off to angling.
Make them listen to Mr Gove's long-winded speeches, for example.
Russia has reached a preliminary agreement with Kazakhstan to transport crude through the Central Asian country's transit network, seeking to make the move ahead in a long-winded bid to boost energy exports to China, but reaching the capacity limit of its eastbound pipelines.
With that ultimate unveiling in mind, much of what precedes it ends up feeling like a long-winded carnival-barker pitch, even though a goodly number of genuine gems are buried within its noisy confines.
A bit long-winded perhaps, some might say "pretentious" even.