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It was nice to see that only the word councillor was used in signing his letter, not some long-winded title that does nothing to connect anyone with anything
Colbert's Washington visit has the long-winded title of "Stephen Colbert Presents: Mr.
Sady Doyle started Tiger Beatdown in September 2008, because she was bored, and also for some reason no-one wanted to publish her various long-winded ramblings on gender.
However, the reality was that this was likely to result in a flood of appeals prior to the change, additional work and significantly more complexity to what is already a long-winded procedure.
WHEN the leaders of the six councils in Merseyside failed to come up with a name for the region's new "combined authority", the Government stepped in to give it the long-winded title of the Halton, Knowsley, Liverpool, Sefton, St Helens and Wirral Combined Authority.
Sometimes when a contestant was dull or long-winded with an answer, my mind would sort of wander off to angling.
Make them listen to Mr Gove's long-winded speeches, for example.
After listening to Tory minister Esther McVey's long-winded speech on food banks, it is obvious the Coalition doesn't see the rise in the number of people depending on them is due to its policies.
Russia has reached a preliminary agreement with Kazakhstan to transport crude through the Central Asian country's transit network, seeking to make the move ahead in a long-winded bid to boost energy exports to China, but reaching the capacity limit of its eastbound pipelines.
A bit long-winded perhaps, some might say "pretentious" even.
The lefty gal goes to boring rallies and has a friend named Guevara who looks exactly like Marx, and is as long-winded too.
AwinforBesiktasguarantees themaplaceinnextterm'sEuropa League, while any other result sees Trabzonsportakethespot, although t here will be another bite of the cherry for the side whomissesoutinaridiculously long-winded way to finish off theSuperLigacampaign.