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Mostly because of Strauss's long-windedness, the second half, the Opera, takes twice as long.
To my mind this competition, for all its faults and long-windedness, has already provided two uplifting results.
Special training can also help group members overcome predisposition's toward poor listening, interrupting, "withdrawal from active participation, resistance to every suggestion, long-windedness, putting down other participants, and scapegoating" (p.
However, several other variables--most notably, attentiveness to domestic issues and (albeit to a lesser extent) the projected balance between activity and passivity and the long-windedness of the speaker (as indicated by the sheer length of an address and by mean sentence length)--also helped distinguish Reagan's broadcasts from Clinton's.
Recently, Ozgur Politika published a full-page article about Ocalan, describing him as "the bright sun of the Kurdish people", and he himself is the author of many books, in which he develops his theory of armed struggle with characteristic long-windedness.
Regardless of what their sins may be -- poor attendance, indifference, long-windedness, failure to keep up with the times, habitual nonsupport, active opposition, or even personal obnoxiousness -- they tend not to change, blandly assuming that to stand for reelection is an unalienable right.