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Ron Zemp's Longevity Medical Group repairs for the industry's leading brands of cosmetic laser equipment and cosmetic laser handpieces such as Palomar, Syneron, Alma, Candela, Lumenis and Cutera.
Their analysis identified new 'extreme longevity-promoting variants' on chromosomes 4 and 7, while also confirming variants (SNPs, or single nucleotide polymorphisms) previously associated with longevity.
Most taxpayers who purchase longevity annuities do so in order to insure against the risk of outliving their traditional retirement assets.
Age at first calving (AFC) as well as life span and longevity of cows are important in cattle (Dakay et al.
The report reviews current pipeline of Longevity Biotech, Inc's human therapeutic division and enlists all their major and minor projects
When you see a country, which has a very strong actuarial society and a big focus on longevity, the attention slowly starts to cross the ocean.
An official with the Treasury said, 'As boomers approach retirement and life expectancies increase, longevity income annuities can be an important option to help Americans plan for retirement and ensure they have a regular stream of income for as long as they can live.
Cord-Roland Rinke (Hannover Re) spoke on "The Role of Reinsurers in Longevity Risk Transfer" and argued that the risks in pension plans needed to be separated into their various components (such as mortality risk, investment risk, and regulatory risk) since this would help to structure the longevity hedge more effectively.
a People born between September and November have significantly higher chances of exceptional longevity than people born in March, suggesting a long-lasting influence of season of birth on longevity.
But capacity within the reinsurance industry is running short and a capital markets-based solution needs to be found before reinsurers are unable to take on more longevity risk, Swiss Re said.