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The students who wrote longhand tended to listen, digest and summarize.
Laura Sanders reported that students writing in longhand performed better on postlecture quizzes than their computer-using peers in "Students retain information better with pens than laptops" (SN: 5/31/14, p.
Write something out longhand and ask any 13-year-old to read it.
As you lean on elbow, how the longhand of thought Always must contend
The cabinet announced last month it was entering the digital era by scrapping the process of note-taking in longhand and utilising an online application that will achieve considerable savings.
I am now recuperating from a broken hip" she wrote in longhand to the first lady, "so I will tell you my remedy for smiling and happiness.
Archer also described his writing process, which involves eight hours of longhand writing.
Common Core, the kindergarten-to-high school standard curriculum shared by 45 of the 50 states (the outliers include Texas and Alaska), is silent on the subject of cursive, also known as longhand or joined-up writing.
For those of you who're wondering why this should be such a big deal, it's because, until recently, every encounter with anything official always required the laborious writing of a dilekce (petition), a longhand version of an application form which even some Turks struggled with (hence the signs you still sometimes see offering the services of somebody who will write your dilekce for you in return for payment).
Dictate a paragraph to the candidate and ask them to write it out longhand.
He used to write it all out in longhand on sheets of A4.