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And, although I have a laptop now, I still wrote it longhand on the beach.
Absolutely terrified of computers (remember, I'm the guy who thought Windows 98 was a double glazing exhibition) I'd write all my stuff longhand before repeating it down the telephone line.
In fact, the woman who has audiences falling about laughing with her quick-fire wit is extraordinarily self-disciplined and driven behind the scenes, penning her ideas in longhand,often taking a full week to produce just 18 minutes of TV script.
"Andy and I write all of our screenplays in longhand. The first typed notebook, which reflects the second draft, was typed in December 1993.
I write it out in longhand, and my assistant emails it.
It wasn't until someone gave me a typewriter to bash on that I found I could type quicker than I could write longhand." He built on his success as a jokesmith, but decided to try his hand at something more substantial and spent years writing plays and documentaries for school radio programmes.
Last week, the Vatican announced that Benedict, who writes in longhand, would begin posting messages on Twitter in eight languages under the handle @Pontifex, a Latin term for Pope that means "bridge-builder." Claire Diaz-Ortiz, the director of social innovation at Twitter, was present at the ceremony.
People send us ideas for gags and sometimes they write in longhand and it can be quite heavy to get through.
Written in longhand the night before and not finished until 4am, King's speech came straight from the heart.
Writing comes easily to the author, who usually manages to do at least 30 pages of A4 in a single evening - all in longhand.
"As often as he wants," Burke said, though he noted somewhat sarcastically that the Pope, who still writes longhand, doesn't check his (nonexistent) Blackberry obsessively during meetings "like the rest of us." "He's not that kind of person.
I wrote my first book in longhand, typing up the pages each day, correcting them again in longhand and typing them up again.