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PARENTS reminisce longingly about their days of running in fields and climbing trees but are too scared to let their own children do the same, according to new research.
when to ride, when to walk this might be a way to gaze longingly trying
The Jewish teenager described gazing longingly at the tree in the diary she kept during her two years in hiding.
Remember the good old days and the Spirit of the Blitz when we used to look longingly at the night skies over England waiting for the bombers to sprinkle their magic?
Mikelic was longingly looking ahead as to what will happen at the 2008 Eastern Synod Convention.
So we sigh longingly, waiting for God to raise up "another King" to rescue us from our worst selves as a nation.
Sherman is an amiable great white shark who faces uncertain friendships, eats adversaries, and longingly eyes the appetizing 'hairless beach apes' above water.
She refuses to participate in her new life and longingly watches those she left behind on earth.
She lingers longingly over the heartache of "It's Not Me" and bursts with anger in "Pity the Fool.
Sunlight reflecting from the swimming pool outside dappled the walls of the music room, inviting Matthew to come out and splash a different He looked longingly out the windows and hit five wrong notes in a row.