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Meanwhile Siobhan (Orla Brady) is telling husband Hari (Raza Jaffrey) that she loves him while at the same time looking longingly at her increasingly spiky colleague and lover Dominic (Adam Rayner).
Each day as he went to work, he passed a British car dealer and gazed longingly at the high-performance machines.
Last week she seductively sucked melted chocolate from her index finger, tossing her black mane back and staring longingly at the camera as if she was in a Flake advert.
The show's centerpieces are her four self-portraits, which range from the androgynous 1923 painting to At the Edge of the Sea, in which a serenely self-confident Brooks looks longingly out from a windswept seashore.
He simpers and looks longingly in the direction of Miranda, but too often the psychological thriller descends into a shouting match instead of a war of words.
THOSE of us who watched The X Factor final in the presence of a small child all had moments when we looked longingly at the off button.
Another celebration of Britain's beauty sees 16 well-known personalities gazing longingly into the distance at their best-loved vista.
On the outside looking longingly is a doofy young German businessman, Hans Wieck (Ben Becker).
3 Stare longingly at the kettle, mutter something about how you''ve been on your feet all day and are absolutely parched - before launching into a whistled medley of indiscernible Elvis hits.
I can't pretend it's not making me look longingly at that staple gun.
Though some see the Rapidway as a consolation prize to the once-promised subway, some Mount Washington activists look longingly at the Valley's so-called train on rubber wheels as a quieter alternative.
The stunning singer, who dates football ace David Beckham, was spotted looking longingly at wedding dresses in a boutique near her home.