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Not long after this another great longing came over the Cat.
The little glimpse of domestic harmony which had been offered her, gave her no regret, no longing.
The longing to be reconciled with Emily was not to be resisted.
Say you were designing a school to elevate and intensify longings.
Fortunately, all that is about to change thanks to author Diane-Rittenhouse's new lesbian young adult vampire novel Immortal Longings
Such common longings are ways of becoming conscious of the desire for God.
I would love this to be the start," he says, "with the archive continuing to grow as it moves from region to region, hopefully revealing a flavour about the feelings, desires, loves, longings and the aching for another person which the people in that region experience.
Instead, because of the absence of a substantial ethnic homeland, Hmong people have developed multidimensional and sometimes confusing longings which move in various directions.
The fourth collection by Ellen Dorewatson (Director of the Poetry Center at Smith College), This Sharpening is an anthology of brief, free-verse poems devoted to marriage, divorce, the longings of love, the pain of seeing love fall apart, and the consolation of motherhood when a long marriage ends.
And as I do that, I realise that God's longing for my love is as great as my longing for his--and that prayer is the meeting place of those two great longings.
As Doctor Rieux visits victim after victim, he watches how the quarantined residents contract or expand their lives according to their fears and longings in the face of death.
All his efforts are challenged by a local bully; a girl who pursues him for sex only; another girl who wants to convert him from atheism to Christianity; and a male friend who stirs unacknowledged longings in him for physical intimacy.