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It was placed at a geostationary orbit 45 degrees east longitude and its service area will cover the countries of Europe, Central and South Asia, the Middle East and Africa.
fast moving commodities and goods [FMCG] that support day-to-day needs," Monari said, adding that Longitude also offers micro-insurance products to further mitigate default risk.
Longitude Capital is a private investment firm focused on venture growth investments in biotechnology and medical technology.
This being duly noted, we shall follow the great chart of the South Sea, using the longitude beginning from the Peak of Tinnariffe, which is generally used in our day.
The Longitude model probably represents Jeep's best chance of making some seriously big numbers in the UK.
Latitude and longitude are divided into degrees and which two other units of measurement?
He plays his part in the exhibition primarily as parliamentary advisor on the longitude problem rather than as a reclusive mathematician.
The Longitude Act of 1714, which offered 20,000 [pounds sterling] to anyone who devised a method of calculating longitude at sea to an accuracy of one degree, was 'an unprecedented moment when natural philosophers put a scientific problem on the political and national agenda', writes the astronomer royal, Martin Rees, in his foreword to this handsome volume.
Three of the four - Limited, Longitude, and Longitude+ - can be ordered with either diesel engine and they come in two or four-wheel drive.
Three of the four - Longitude, Longitude+ and Limited - can be ordered with either diesel engine and in two or four-wheel drive.
At launch, there are three trim levels - Longitude, Longitude+ and Limited - with either engine and front or four-wheel-drive.
Voting among the general public is now underway to determine the winner of e Longitude Prize 2014 which has been developed and run by Nesta, the UK's innovation foundation, and was launched by Prime Minister David Cameron at the G8 last year.