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I'm probably more longsighted in that regard and patient,' Bellotti said, `but I will never tolerate getting beat like that again.
Potential eyesight problems include: # Blurred vision - around 60 per cent of drivers in the UK are longsighted while 30 per cent are shortsighted.
Yet, our nation's leaders, all of us, must be extremely wise, certain and longsighted in risking other Australian lives to President Bush's call for war against Afghanistan and, potentially, other Islamic nations.
Like many longsighted leaders, Villalonga may sometimes fail to see the trees for the forest.
Do the deciders have the necessary versatility to cope with changing problem views in a more longsighted perspective or are they trapped in a petrified old paradigm?
And children who are longsighted might struggle with close work such as writing and reading.
The technology could provide a lens-free solution for longsighted users who require glasses for using a smartphone or tablet and for computer work.