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Changes of musculoskeletal systems, flexor pollicis longus and Achilles tendon respectively in acromegaly patients were shown by means of US in addition to nerve and cartilage examination.
For sEMG reproducibility, SENIAM recommendations (13) were followed for electrodes application on Tibialis Anterior (TA), Peroneus Longus (PL), Rectus Femoris (RF), Biceps Femoris (BF), Gastrocnemius Medialis (GM), Soleus (SOL).
Despite being a single-joint muscle, the adductor longus is the most commonly injured adductor muscle.
Acute calcific longus colli tendonitis (ACLCT) is a disease process that mimics life threatening conditions, which include meningitis and retropharyngeal abscess.
Briefly, reaction time of the peroneus longus and tibialis anterior muscles were measured using surface EMG during sudden ankle supination that was provided with a custom-built trapdoor mechanism.
A severe sore throat in a middle-aged man: Calcific tendonitis of the longus colli tendon.
The electromechanical hand was set to close and open when the palmaris longus shortened and lengthened, respectively (Figure 3).
Stenosing tenosynovitis of the flexor hallucis longus tendon and posterior impingement upon the os trigonum in ballet dancers.
VISION OF THE PAST Above, Anna Cullen of St Cuthbert's Junior School with Velius Longus.
Bowie, "Vertus de la campagne, vices de la cite dans Daphnis et Chloe de Longus," in B.
In the new surgery for stage IV deformity developed at HSS, surgeons not only reconstruct the flat foot deformity, but they also reconstruct the deltoid ligament using a tendon that runs along the outside of the calf called the peroneus longus.
This contrasts with the 'usual' flexor carpi radialis--which in our case will be referred to as flexor carpi radialis longus (FCRL)--which attaches to the base of the second metacarpal (although the small slip to the third metacarpal is often present).