look askance at

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Where," asked he, with a look askance at them -- for it was the clergyman's peculiarity that he seldom, now-a-days, looked straight forth at any object, whether human or inanimate" where, my kind doctor, did you gather those herbs, with such a dark, flabby leaf?
While such whims and chimeras were flitting across my fancy I began to look askance at Mrs.
Some researchers who focus on the electrical output of individual neurons look askance at efforts to measure broad fields of electrical activity with sensors on the scalp or on the surface of the brain.
That's why some black civil rights leaders look askance at military service: Upward mobility shouldn't require the willingness to strap on a uniform.
With computers replacing people in the work place by the nanosecond, communicators might well look askance at embracing technology that could one day wind up behind their desks, blinking and sputtering like an editor past deadline.
Other world powers look askance at the use of ambassadorships as political rewards.
OPEC's members who are under quotas are likely to look askance at Iraq tripling its oil production from 2.
How easy it is to chastise the BHB for lack of leadership, to aim Exocets at Attheraces for terminating a contract when half its Tote profits were reduced at a stroke, or to look askance at the Racecourse Association for not keeping a close eye on the ball as the Attheraces alarm bells rang.
It is perhaps because of an inherent distrust of politicians and civil servants alike that the suspicions of the public caused them to look askance at the many rules emanating from Brussels.
Aren't they worried - "Come on, Tim" - that all the people sat beside them will look askance at their ludicrous cries?
While the jazz audience is apt to look askance at so-called "ghost bands," ones whose founders and leaders have long been in the heavenly choir, the Count Basie Orchestra proved itself to be a living, swinging entity in its own right, all the while staying true to its roots.
Our volunteers will, I think, look askance at the inner circle helping themselves to money out of party campaign funds.

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