look back

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Let this be a challenge to all of uslook up, look back and bow down to God.
Kings of Europe - The Chelsea Story A look back at Chelsea's European success.
The four we won already are in the history; you can't afford to look back, you are looking forward to Sunday, that's the next hurling game that's going ahead.
Do not look back because we cannot change the past, but look at the now and may we all look to the future under the leadership of an elected new Prime Minister.
Look Back in Anger by John Osborne was at the forefront of a wave of "kitchen-sink dramas" when it was first performed in 1956.
I agree that we can often look back on the "good old days" with rose-coloured spectacles.
In the questionnaire, we asked the participants to evaluate their reading speed, the frequency with which they typically reread a sentence before moving to the next, and the frequency with which they look back in text in general and to specific text segments, such as headings and topic (i.
As I look back at my years with AMAA, I am amazed at how many lasting friendships I have made with extraordinary individuals.
In the latest version, the company says "little did we imagine that many suppliers would look back on that period as the good old days.
This is a good moment to look back and to reflect on what has been reached and what has been missed.
When we look back at the early 2000s years from now, we might just find that the successful companies bucked some "norms" while using '01 to truly bolster their competitive position.