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Look for serious but sporty pieces like tailored black shorts, a cropped satin jacket, a striped tube top and slouch suede buckle boots.
Although the procedure we describe in this article is not "precisely mathematically correct," it will allow school counselors to analyze their own data to look for possible patterns, which in turn might suggest areas in which to intervene.
I look for a sense of urgency and for the necessity for that movement to be there.
We look for those restaurants that people are talking about, that have buzz and energy.
So largely then what one can do is back up and look for the technology concept pairing.
"The way we diagnose [skin cancers] clinically is to look at morphological patterns--we look for patterns that are different in malignancy," Menzies says.
The problem is that Japan is conservative, and ironically the local CEO of a foreign company, unless he/she is possessed with an extraordinary sense of vision (clearly a trait that corporate recruiters need to look for more), will start to identify with.
"Madison could look for a buyer or just distribute the shares in SSCC.
What do the CIOs in these instances look for? On the records management side, Smith expects his people to be problem solvers, comfortable with computers, and willing to unlearn.
Exactly what examiners look for in a workpaper review will vary from case to case (see "Tips for CPAs When Regulators `Audit the Auditors,'" page 32).
What you look for depends on the time of year; right now, on a spring evening, it'd be galaxies.