look for flaws

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This change is a beneficial event, but it tells us that at any given time we should question classifications to look for flaws.
We looked at all of Manchester City's previous games and we look for flaws we can exploit," Hughes, whose side are up to ninth after a slow start to the season, said.
Scrutinise logos, fonts and holograms and look for flaws that may indicate whether a product is genuine.
There was a change in management at the club and then people look for flaws.
But we look for flaws in the model and ways to improve it--like if we'd assumed a three-month lag between recognizing revenue and actual disbursements and it was happening in two months.
It is only his short price that makes me want to look for flaws in his armour and I do have one serious issue with him.
They look for flaws, imperfections, intangibles and patterns--using "gut feelings" honed by experience--and reject those that do not fit.
Men don't look for flaws in their girlfriends - they look at the whole package.
Before the fire, the city invited OSHA inspectors to Coos Bay voluntarily, to examine citywide services and look for flaws.
To those of us whose habit it is to look for flaws in any argument and to deride exaggeration wherever we think we may have spotted it, some of what he had to say did grate a bit, though.
We preview a manufacturer's present system, look for flaws and inefficiencies and then offer a strategic plan that can be implemented in stages.