look forward to

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But in terms of what happened 20 years ago, you have just got to try to look forward, look forward to the game coming up.
Despite the chill wind, I had a fantastic day at Chase town (left) and I look forward to seeing their rise through the leagues in the coming seasons.
Zeckendorf Development, developers of the project, Bovis Lend Lease and building trades workers gathered on the third floor of the structure to conclude the initial stages of construction on The House, and to look forward to the topping out of the second wing, The Tower, anticipated for the end of August.
While this is the company's first year as a prime contractor to the CIOSP contract community, KPMG Consulting is already a revenue leader and we look forward to working with the company for the remaining nine years of this contract," said Dr.
I feel privileged to have shared a dialogue with you through this magazine, and I look forward to continuing that conversation on the Internet.
It will be a great place to do business, and we look forward to working with Matt and Vicki to produce our best show ever.