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The Look Sharp campaign pack is available for free to the first 50 companies who order it.
We know your style: You look sharp, but chances are you thought your teacher would forget all about those science-project deadlines.
The racing footage, as well as the Joe McPherson Car Museum as our settings really look sharp.
TEENAGE boys are snapping up dinner jackets as they blow PS385 on average to look sharp on school prom nights.
The 11-song collection reunites Jackson with the scrappy band who accompanied him on the trilogy of LPs - Look Sharp, I'm The Man, and Beat Crazy - that first established him as a major artist in 1979.
The gmZX1 is also well suited for feature-rich projection systems, video workstations, home theater and large-screen TV gear, plus other high-end video systems -- equipment that requires graphics and video to look sharp without the visual artifacts that are produced by inferior processing technologies.