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The writer insisted that even when you gain weight your boobs will always look small and disproportionate.
Tyres are 185/60 section, and when accompanied by the cladding, look small, even disproportionate visually.
My lilac doesn't seem to be flowering properly and its leaves look small and a bit yellow.
THE judge who sentenced a Huddersfield teenager to five years for crimes including firearms offences was right to make him look small.
They look small in comparison to the gigantic furniture installed by their owner, a wood designer in Germany, to provide them shelter.
0-inch display may look small, but does offer a lot on one display.
The growth has made Apple's existing Cupertino headquarter look small, forcing them to rent places in small buildings scattered throughout the city, located about nine miles west of San Jose.
It could make bankers' bonuses look small change, but at what cost in the final analysis to us, particularly the most dependant on the service?
She made life in their world look small & faded.
There are ways of making even [euro]750bn look small.
Their decisions may look small considered against the vast scale of business and industry.
Individual measures may look small but it is overall impact that adds up to real savings, and support from the business community has helped make sure that savings to businesses are felt on the ground.