look upon

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Now all those who look upon and believe in the crucified and lifted up Son of Man will be saved.
I look upon my secret garden The wishing well so still Garden gnomes are laughing Whilst the birds sing on the hill.
So while we very much want to win for ourselves, a number of clubs beneath us would look upon it as being a better result if we won on Saturday.
There are as many Pragues as there are eyes to look upon it--more: an infinity of Pragues.
Recalled Falwell, "I told the president last week in the Oval Office, I said, 'Sir, there are 80 million of us evangelicals in this country and we've come to look upon you not only as our president but as a man of God.
First and foremost, don't look upon the construction cleanup as an afterthought.
It's odd to think that anyone would look upon a person infected with the AIDS virus with even a tinge of envy, but some of the estimated 170 million people worldwide infected with hepatitis C virus (HCV) may do just that.
They will stand as a continual inspiration for the living who look upon them and are sheltered by them from sun and storm.
The previous bishops of Milwaukee look upon this sacred space from high on the side walls of the cathedral.
Now that I'm almost 30 and living my life openly, which I've done for almost a decade, I still look upon discovering Norm as a watershed moment in my coming-out.
One of the most edifying scenes we witnessed in the aftermath of the September 11th atrocity was that of black New York residents, who had been endlessly admonished by their supposed "community leaders" to look upon police as their enemy, applauding the men in blue.
These too often take refuge in the tired old shadow-world of French 'rationalism', or look upon Auguste as a halfway house to Corb.