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l The Bowbelle captain, Douglas Henderson, was tried in 1991 on a charge of failing to keep a proper look-out.
AUG 1991: A Marine Accident Investigation Branch report says the failure of look-outs on both ships caused the tragedy.
Every year, the radiance of fall draws nature-lovers to Monadnock State Park -- and countless other mountains, hills, scenic look-outs and shady country lanes -- by the droves.
After early runs using radar failed to come up with anything, the Australians leading the hunt for debris from Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 switched to posting look-outs at plane windows to scan the sea below.
The key was mistakenly taken by second officer David Blair when he was transferred from Titanic before she sailed, so the look-outs had no binoculars.
They had even posted look-outs at the classroom doors, in case I came past at the wrong moment.
I have passwords for Facebook and Twitter and Amazon and Comcast and the Chattanooga Look-outs and e-mail accounts and banks and online magazines and Wi-Fi hotspots and so on.
We have corroborating information that these children are used as soldiers, minesweepers, scouts, spies, messengers, look-outs, cooks and sexual slaves in the case of young girls," said Mamoud Lamine Cisse, president of a Malian child rights coalition.
But this nubile woman is embracing a future of geriatric male hairy ear holes, nasal hair pruning, constant look-outs for urinals ("the old bladder is less ticketty-boo these days"), a paunch suspended over Gandhi legs and imploding face that will turn Roache into a Yassar Arafat look-alike.
The Argentinians had look-outs, it's surprising that we got no resistance on the landing, we were sitting ducks going ashore basically.
We saw zebras grazing with giraffes, safer in each others' company than on their own, the giraffes acting as tall look-outs for both herds.
City skyscrapers, bridges, look-outs from tall buildings or scenic mountain roads also all have superb potential as attractive locations for photographing the sky and surroundings at twilight.