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Livingston rolled out the red carpet for Gardner Speirs when he looked around their new stadium for the first time .
I looked around and it was just me and a bunch of 'O' shaped birds.
To this country some Indian visitors came, They were very impressed and told the same, Remarked on the beauty as they looked around, Was lovelier than they ever dreamed could be found.
Wednesday was freshman-orientation day at Canyon High School, when incoming ninth-graders -- fresh from Sierra Vista Junior High down the street -- looked around the campus.
I looked around and so many guys were dancing, smiling, but with tears on their cheeks, caught in the light of the setting sun.
I looked around the room and figured, oh my goodness, what a target group for having cardiac arrest," said Dr.
When I asked to talk to a veteran of Station 81, they looked around and gave me Bader.