looked toward

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References in classic literature ?
From the time when she had accidentally looked toward the red-brick house, something in her manner which it is quite impossible to describe, had suggested to my mind that this obstacle was not only something she could not mention, but something that she was partly ashamed of, partly afraid of, and partly doubtful about.
The Sorcerer, hearing the laugh, looked toward the little girl with cold, cruel eyes, and his glance made her grow sober in an instant.
They looked toward it and their horror- stricken eyes saw the whole side of the mountain sliding down.
The shore was full of people, shrieking and tearing their hair as they looked toward the sea.
The main gateway of the castle looked toward the west and from it ran the tortuous and rocky trail, down through the mountains toward the valley below.
He looked toward the nearer light and saw, within its wan halo, a green door.
To my delight she never once looked toward the beach, and I maintained the banter with such success all unconsciously she sipped coffee from the china cup, ate fried evaporated potatoes, and spread marmalade on her biscuit.
As he dried himself he sniffed the air and looked toward the stove where a pot was simmering.
As I looked toward it, more attentively than before, I thought I detected at intervals the feet of a man walking close behind it, the carter being in front, by the side of his horses.
She had no book in her hand; she never even looked toward Francine.
He looked toward the conservatory: the frown showed itself on his face once more.
Danglars looked towards Fernand, whose excitable nature received and betrayed each fresh impression.