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Looking smart in their purple jumpers are the smiling children of Billingham South Community Primary School, Belasis Avenue, Billingham, who are photographed with their teaching staff.
Cruise was looking smart in a blue suit and a pair of snazzy shades as he handed over Edie's award and posed for seles with fans.
They failed to refurbish, develop and keep the appearance of city looking smart.
WHILE us mere mortals wilt in the heat and stuggle to get dressed for work each day, Nicole Scherzinger this week offered a style masterclass in looking smart while staying cool.
Chelsea, 31, was looking smart in a pair of tight black trousers a draped white blouse, a black jacket and a statement silver necklace.
Rossi, looking smart in a dark pinstriped suit, said: "This is the most exceptional moment of our careers.
Now there can be little excuse for youngsters not looking smart when they represent their badge.