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WHILE us mere mortals wilt in the heat and stuggle to get dressed for work each day, Nicole Scherzinger this week offered a style masterclass in looking smart while staying cool.
6 DIY Donny Our expert tells us how to get homes looking smart by adding a lick of paint to mis-matched UPVC guttering and pipes.
Chelsea, 31, was looking smart in a pair of tight black trousers a draped white blouse, a black jacket and a statement silver necklace.
Rossi, looking smart in a dark pinstriped suit, said: "This is the most exceptional moment of our careers.
Now there can be little excuse for youngsters not looking smart when they represent their badge.
One thing most people don't realize is that many firefighters are unpaid volunteers,'' noted host Chris O'Donnell, looking smart in a suit and military buzz-cut.
But while Nicky insists she has no problems in making sure she's looking smart, she can understand how other students, and men in particular, might find it difficult.