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Davidsun's Loony Bin: even the most reluctant reader will become immersed in the whimsical exploits of teachers and students, and will find this to be a compelling page-turner.
Cartwright, 44, became a Loony in 1996 and was soon promoted to shadow minister for chocolate.
And this is not because we have some sort of loony liberal Legislature.
LOONY Autumn Farm on the Golden Bay (RDI Takaka, 011-64-3-525-9013) hosts all annual Summer Camp and Naked Week.
If that sounds crazy, welcome to The Loony, Christopher Wunderlee's novella of epic proportions, in which one Doctor Albert Lochner is your guide, and a strange guide he is.
Loony dookers enjoyed their traditional dip in the Forth as others were just getting home.
Filled with humor and British slang, the books relate the triumphs and woes of stunningly self-absorbed 15-year-old Georgia in diary form as she struggles with her loony parents, leaky little sister, girlfriends irritatingly obsessed with their own problems rather than Georgia's, ferocious pet cat Angus, and of course boyfriends.
If you run through the policies now, they sound totally loony tunes.
Isaac Mizrahi sustains his reputation for delectably loony costumes; the entire company, which emerged from behind a silver screen resembling a shower curtain, sported black-and-white pajamas, each pair of duds uniquely patterned.
Singer, generally a hero to the loony left, struggles with the issues of globalization in a rigorously hard-headed manner rarely seen on this topic.
He wants Lucas to become his Sancho and join him on the quest for the holy grail, which the slightly loony knight of the Bowery believes is housed in a stylish Manhattan brownstone.
Older students return to school eager to expand their knowledge and indifferent to the loony four-year calendar.