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As Gomez and his best friend Fester come to know their unconventional teacher - and participate in his antics - they discover that it will be the best school year they've ever experienced - and so readers in grades 3-6 will also discover the Loony Bin to be one of the liveliest, most unpredictable reads about school to land on their desks in quite some time.
And then anyone can take a whack at the big guy, even the psychopathic Loony Bin Jim (Doug Hutchison), whose gangster brother, Billy Russoti (Dominic West), is turned into Jigsaw, a kind of faux Joker with a face stitched like a baseball (all thanks to the Punisher, seen early on feeding Billy through a glass-recycling machine).
What was once the loony bin, let's-bomb-them-to-hell branch of the Republican Party is now the right, not the "far right.
The deconstruction that is desperately needed is the deconstruction of political charlatanism, political dishonesty, political audacity and impudence that reign supreme in our political loony bin.
I'd been writing for a sketch comedy troupe, and before that doing some "stand-up" comedy at the Loony Bin in Wichita.
It's hard to decide if Cornell is too much of a mother hen or should seriously think about checking himself into the loony bin after hearing his bizarre socio-commentary on the hardships of bird parents raising their chicks, "Bones of Birds.
That was the man's job and I couldn't imagine how anyone could repeat the process of screwing a cap on piece after piece of steel pipe for eight hours and not end up in a loony bin.
But once she started stalking him, got crazy and went to the loony bin, then experimented with women, I had a great time.
He had not just come out of a loony bin, appeared quite reasonable and gave a few opinions why Steven Gerrard (or Stevie G as we must call him) would be lifting the World Cup on July 11.
Knowing it was their last ever chance, the BB bosses have definitely decided to go out with a bang and rounded up the biggest bunch of headcases this side of the loony bin.
It's the sort of economics that should see its perpetrators thrown in the loony bin.
Meanwhile, it should have been straight to the loony bin for all cowardly pundits and commentators who had the sheer audacity to point the finger at referee Calum Murray instead of blaming the pounds 20k-a-week players.