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Steve is still the ladies man he always aspired to be, although now wifey Karen is heading for the loony bin his magnetic charms seem to be failing.
Terrorist suspect Mohammed Habibullah's interrogator noted his statements were "sketchy and unreliable at best," and added, "NEVER leaving unless it's to the loony bin.
Halle then has a car accident, loses her memory, gets wrongly accused of some murders and ends up back at the loony bin, but this time as a patient.
Shepherd is there, of course, and anyone who even thinks of leaving Steve Watkin out gets bus-fare to the loony bin.
Crackpot Kev may have swanned off to the Costa del Loony Bin but his legacy lives on.
My parents came often to dinner and I know they thought I belonged in a loony bin because I used wood rather than electric.
Stacey Slater is a case in point, as she lurches one step closer the loony bin.
But the next person who thinks it's good advice for anyone involved in the game to follow the example of rugby players in how they respect their opponents and officials should be thrown in the nearest loony bin.
Backing the Magpies has traditionally been a surefire route to the poorhouse or the loony bin but Skybet's 7-2 is tempting for any team facing out-of-sorts Pompey.
It's just as well I've got a sense of humour and don't mind a joke at my own expense, otherwise I'd be carted off to the loony bin every time I switch on my computer.
And then there was the Montreal invasion, the Habs' hockey-mad fans flooding the city with Loonies and turning the Garden into a loony bin.
We'll end up in the loony bin calling ourselves Bin Laden.