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ADELINE'S STORY GREAT-GRANDMOTHER Adeline Ablitt believes in living life to the full - and eight years ago she got in to the Guinness Book of Records as the oldest person ever to loop-the-loop in a glider.
A spokesman for The Guinness Book of Records said: "We can confirm that Mrs Ablitt was very recently entered into the book under the section `oldest person to loop-the-loop in an unpowered glider'.
It will be the 21st wing walk for Tom, of Shirley, who holds Guinness World Records for being the oldest person to loop-the-loop and to cross the English Channel strapped to the wings of a plane.
The Top Gear Live show offers petrol heads amazing stunts, flaming cars and the first attempt at an indoor loop-the-loop.
1913 -- Louis Bleriot performed the first plane loop-the-loop.
Giggs admits the butterflies will be doing loop-the-loop in his stomach when he runs on to the pitch for his big moment.