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The crucial physical difference is that strings reside in space, whereas loops actually constitute space.
A microprocessor-based Digipanel controller is mounted on the extruder and provides total control of the line, which includes machine control of temperature, using company's three-mode Duosense control loops and Digisense digital control and sychronization of rpm.
When you graft, you use a tapestry needle and a strand of yarn to follow the same path that one row takes through the loops below and above it while simultaneously joining the live loops on the front needle to the live loops on the back needle.
Both types of loops were installed at a test intersection at the Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center (TFHRC) in McLean, VA.
Interestingly, Adeniran [1] and Robinson [25], Oyebo and Adeniran [23], Chiboka and Solarin [11], Bruck [7], Bruck and Paige [9], Robinson [26], Huthnance [14] and Adeniran [1] have respectively studied the holomorphs of Bol loops, central loops, conjugacy closed loops, inverse property loops, A-loops, extra loops, weak inverse property loops, Osborn loops and Bruck loops.
4 Continue making loops by pulling the cord through each newly created loop.
All lines have agreed to the suspension of the North China - Australia loop and the addition of new tonnage to the Japan - Korea - Australia - South China loop, rationalizing the calling ports together with COSCON loop when P&O Nedlloyd exits this consortium next February 2006.
With all of these couple of hundred drives on a Fibre Channel loop, when you interrupt the loop to do an addition, you basically still have access but you sort of cause things to bog down.
This unit also provides the power that activates the loops as well as software that allow "tuning" and calibration of loop electronics so they will accurately sense the presence of vehicles on the pavement above.
These loops are less elongated and collapse back toward the sun, dragging with them some of the solar wind's outflowing gas, Sheeley and Wang suggest.