loose thinking

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That constant attempt to water down our resolution to leave by trying to pass off the Common Market as just a synonym for free trade is either loose thinking or an attempted deception.
It is definitely time to cut through all the loose thinking and take a stand against the racecourses and bookmakers on behalf of racing.
We were ten points ahead and possibly got a bit loose thinking we could go on and grab that bonus point which put us under a bit of pressure.
Words guaranteed a warm reception tend to induce loose thinking.
For Fareed Zakaria, an American of Bombay origin, such loose thinking often condemns the 'export of democracy' to failure, as religious and ethnic extremism, or dictatorship, prove the sole beneficiaries.
She is impatient with the loose thinking that has been abroad in some quarters since the 1970s and that, allied with postmodernism, has tended to collapse the distinction between history and literature by way of rather superficial references to narrative structure.
As an antidote to fashionable loose thinking, Life at the Bottom has much value.
We should reject the loose thinking implicit among those, including Richards and Milner, who seek to enshrine collective rights.
He also criticised "loose thinking" over proposed agreements which could see extremists returned to countries to which courts had previously refused to send them, such as Algeria.