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Although I must stress I use the term flagging here in the loosest possible sense as "Calm before the storm" comes to mind.
The documentary films of Luke Fowler have rapidly achieved renown for their experimental style--a melange of archival footage, new interviews, and scenes of everyday surroundings joined together to form only the loosest semblance of narrative.
S: The right way to wear a bra is to put the hook on the loosest setting to start with, adjust the straps and reposition the bust.
The casino has been declared a winner in 11 categories including Best Local Casino, Loosest Slots, Best Casino Restaurant, Best Buffet, and Best Steakhouse.
But at least she's in marginally better shape than our fridge was last Thursday night although, in my defence, that particular domestic appliance had been showing signs of wear and tear before I took control of household matters (I use the word "control" in its loosest form).
Secondly they've binned regular sofa-sitters, the sports writers Steve Bunce and Des Kelly and replaced them with a roster of sporting dignitaries that began with Alan Hansen and Tim Henman (I use the term "sporting dignitaries" in its loosest sense.
In a study of 27 spiral galaxies, Seigar's team found that galaxies such as Andromeda, with the tightest spiral arms, have the biggest black holes, while those with the loosest arms have the smallest.
He fell in love with Venice in particular, and produced some of his loosest, freshest works during his many visits to the city.
It is thus something of a disappointment to find this most promising topic (and I am a college hoops fanatic who has filled out brackets since 1979 and lives for the exquisite adrenalin rush of March) subjected to the loosest sort of casual organization.
I use the term harmonies in the loosest definition of the word, as Elfman has employed the pitch bender heavily to create a unique singing voice for the Oompa Loompas; from soprano to baritone they form a bizarre choir reminiscent of Alvin and the Chipmunks.
As convincing as a casino promoting the loosest slots in town, the papers are hyping this as some kind of win-win for readers and the remaining Sun journalists.
Other things learned, for many it may be the first time, is that he had a "Family" in the loosest sense of the word.