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St Edward's can only be de-scribed as a comprehensive in the loosest sense of the word.
In 1988's hugely successful Beetlejuice, he gave his loosest, funniest performance to date as a gravel-voiced ghost, and saved his lagging career in the process.
Whether getting primed for tournament play or taking a break between sessions, you will enjoy a wide variety of player favorite machines in our liberal payout areas, such as the World's Loosest Corner of slots, dollar-town USA, Nickel Heaven and the Nickel Town Casino.
Foxwoods received first-place finishes in Connecticut categories including: loosest penny, 2-cent, nickel, quarter, $1, $5, $25, and $100 slots.
SINGLE Brits have the world's loosest morals, a survey claimed yesterday.
The next gang to come a-knockin' at our doors will be carol singers (a description now to be used in its loosest form).
I use terrestial TV in the loosest sense, since most of us have to view through cable or satellite receivers, but who cares?
Each September, CASINO PLAYER surveys the gaming jurisdictions across America to determine those with the loosest slots.
Joshua Isaac Smith takes yoga, African dance and boxing moves (in the loosest possible sense) and puts them all together.
Only Nigel Winterburn of Arsenal's first-choice back five will not start tonight's game, although he was called into the squad yesterday, and the most interesting of a host of intriguing confrontations will be how they cope with Nicolas Anelka, a club-mate in the loosest possible sense.
Guests at Harrah's know they have the opportunity not only to play the loosest slots in the state, as previously reported, but the chance to win big jackpots at table games as well.
We reckon Lynn means reform in the loosest sense of the word; as in changing something into a different form because it's certainly not a change for the better.