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Earlier on Friday, Shehab and Gamet El-Dowal streets in Mohandesine district saw mass looting as stores, banks and exchanges were broken into and looted by thugs coming from neighboring districts.
Orphaned Art: Looted Art from the Holocaust in the Israel Museum" tells the companion story of looted art brought to Israel after World War II by the Jewish Restitution Successor Organization.
The big losers were the Japanese people, who had their postal savings looted to feed the greed at the top.
No reliable figures exist on the amount of art stolen from German occupied countries and Jews living in the Third Reich, but a report adopted by MEPs say "several million objects were looted, including museum quality works of art, furniture, books, religious objects and other culturally significant works.
After the museum's most important and portable pieces had been removed to hidden storage vaults before the war, it was then believed that all these vaults had been discovered and looted.
While armed fighters lived on the spoils looted from conquered towns and villages, the warlords who led the factions amassed personal fortunes through the export of timber and minerals from the areas they controlled.
To be protected resources under ARPA, looted objects must constitute evidence of past human existence, possess archeological interest (not necessarily significance), and be over 100 years old.
SIALKOT -- Dacoits looted cash, gold ornaments and other valuables worth Rs6.
Suspects in a statement to police confessed that at first they looted people in Multan and later they had started their job in Lahore in 2008.
Police also recovered arms and looted goods from him.
Earlier on July 31, a group of terrorists looted the Jammu and Kashmir Bank at Arwani Bijbehara in Anantnag district.