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US forces obliterated the last pocket of resistance in the north Baghdad district of Mansur, but that opened the floodgates for looters to pour into new areas of bounty.
Hard-core looters, the third type, take elaborate steps to find their booty and then sell it on the lucrative artifact market.
They come away feeling that their condition was because of some mindless 'looters.' The previous governments have been denigrated as having done 'nothing' in 16 years, while allowing members of the administrations pocket pubic funds.
At least a few looters re-emerged to rob a market, despite orders placing the city's security under military command.
A 29yearold gay man, Stephanie joined a mob of looters that ransacked an automated teller machine (ATM) inside Robinson's Mall along Taboan Road, a day after Super Typhoon "Yolanda" (international name: Haiyan) ravaged this city.
Witnesses described looters shoving people out of the way and stealing gold from Ablemarle & Bond.
PROSECUTORS said high-quality CCTV has been the key to catching rioters and looters who struck in Birmingham in the summer of 2011.
Hairdresser Barry Ferguson, 70, said he felt "disgusted" that his empty house had been targeted by looter gangs while he was forced to evacuate.
A MERSEY firm watched business boom after footage of looters failing to steal a TV it installed was broadcast around the world.
The inscriptions are carved in a style identical to that of a panel previously sold by looters that mentions the same rulers, Freidel says.
Pugin, the sublime neo-gothicist and Ramsgate-based looter of wrecks is actually at
And in the most extreme example of the angry backlash, one looter had his hands cut off by a small group of Iraqis who caught him stealing from a house.