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Scarcely had he alighted than the guy ropes were simultaneous released, and the great warship, lightened by the removal of the loot, soared majestically into the air, her decks and upper works a mass of roaring flames.
Shandy looked in surprise upon his leader, for the torch had never been a weapon of Norman of Torn, while loot, if not always the prime object of his many raids, was at least a very important consideration.
First he stripped the body of cartridge belt and such ornaments as he craved, wedging it into a convenient crotch while his nimble fingers ran over it in search of the loot he could not plainly see in the dark.
They were all engaged primarily in robbing the worker, but every little while they formed combinations and robbed one another of the accumulated loot.
It is my treasure; and if I can't have the loot I'll take darned good care that no one else does.
Haven't seen a bow-legged, dirty-faced little devil of a six-year- old loot kid around here anywhere, have you?
Raffles had turned away, as though in heart-broken contemplation of our lost loot.