lop off

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But she was over-the-moon when others at her local, the Bull's Head pub on Binley Road, decided to lop off their locks too.
Order your Skillet with Egg Beaters and no cheese and you'll lop off 310 calories, 29 grams of fat (14 of them saturated), and 370 mg of sodium.
You know, the kind that are sort of out of focus and lop off the top of your head because you're holding the camera at arms length.
Why not imitate the Saudis and lop off heads in a public place?
H proceeded to lop off nearly one-quarter of the company's 35,000 jobs.
Louis don't have a whole lot in common-that is, until you look at their ledgers, Last year, both universities laid plans to lop off entire academic departments to help keep the rest of the ship afloat.
0 TOM HUDDLESTONE can't wait to lop off his locks - and he would love to rock up in Rio to show off his new "do".
You may think it's no big deal for a manufacturer to lop off pounds 1,100 for a limited period (you only have until December 15) - but it is quite something for a firm to offer that level of discount at the bottom end of the market where this motor sits.