lop off

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But we don't suggest that you lop off a leaf of kitchen aloe whenever you scald yourself with the kettle.
Lop off le Expos and the Devil Rays, if only because of their nicknames.
With a single swing Vaughn could lop off half of the Athletics' 9-1 lead.
However, the variances exempted Karjoo from city codes that would have required him to lop off a section of the house.
If you're going to lop off 30 games, why not kill the ones no one wanted to see in the first place?
Lop off the plane's nose and replace it with a revolving turret from which a narrow laser beam could bore a hole in an enemy rocket 250 miles away.
Under close scrutiny at the moment, the least Seaman could do is lop off his ridiculous pony-tail to make it look like he's taking the job seriously.
Summarizing the deal in their story "Pat Robertson's Gold Fever," writers Bob Drury and Aram Roston wrote, "[I]t seems clear that in his lust to tap the lucre of the West African Craton [gold seam], the Reverend Pat Robertson has crossed a moral line in order to go into business with a torturer, a murderer, a barbarian who has supported thugs who lop off the arms of defenseless women and children.
On the downside, checkout staff left our shopper in the dark about Safeway's lop off a litre of petrol special offer.