lop off

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As recently as November 14, Abolfazl Akrami, director general for economic affairs at the Central Bank, told the Iranian Student News Agency (ISNA) that there were no plans to lop off any zeros in the near future.
You know, the kind that are sort of out of focus and lop off the top of your head because you're holding the camera at arms length.
Why not imitate the Saudis and lop off heads in a public place?
H proceeded to lop off nearly one-quarter of the company's 35,000 jobs.
Subtract the new shots and lop off the liability charges and the right figure for the basket of vaccines these days--the figure Clinton should have brandished at the pharmaceuticals is about $100.
It's Tom for new hair cut HULL...............6 FULHAM...........0 TOM HUDDLESTONE can't wait to lop off his locks - and he would love to rock up in Rio to show off his new "do".
Many countries shift the name of their currency when they lop off zeros and present the new currency as the end of inflation.
No, the Girls Aloud babe is just trying out the short and sexy bob look for a few days while she decides whether to lop off her luscious locks.
Engineers figured it would be easier to lop off most of the building than to seismically reinforce every floor, and they've been doing the demolition work while doctors carry on treating patients in the lower levels.
Why didn't they use the land on each side, visible in the aerial shot, lop off a storey and copy Melbourne, or Santa Anita for that